Surveys worth doing

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this topic let me say this is all only based on my experience and is only my opinion. Paid online surveys are worth doing. Picture this you’re stuck in the dentists waiting room and you’re bored. You have a few options..

-Stare at your shoes and think about all the things you have to do when you’re done.

-Make awkward chit-chat with the other patients.

-Play on your phone, maybe a game or scrolling through your news feed on Instagram.

-Earn a small bit of money.

Think of all the times during the day you mindlessly play on your phone. You do it out of habit more so than anything else. Why not make a few cent or even a couple of euro? If you were walking down the street and saw a euro or two on the street wouldn’t you pick it up?

Pros and cons of online surveys


  • You make a small bit extra each week or each month to put towards living expenses or a goal.
  • Instead of mindlessly scrolling you’re engaging your brain in something productive.
  • You might learn something new or get to experience something new for free


  • The money you stand to earn isn’t life changing. It’s generally small change and it’s rare to come across a good earner.
  • Some of the surveys are mind numbingly boring.
  • Some surveys are not only boring but long as a wet week in June.
  • Many sites prefer to offer vouchers instead of cash.


Check with revenue laws in your country. In Ireland money earned from online surveys is taxable.

Which surveys are worth doing?

Please note some of the links for surveys below will be referral codes. The ones that are referral codes will have an asterisk in front of them. If used I would earn a small amount from the specific survey company.

* Attapoll is a well known survey provider. The long and short of this one is the money is hit and miss. Sometimes you will get offered short surveys for reasonable money and other times you might get offered 37c for 19minutes. The referral program is great though. If you refer Bob from down the road and Bob does a survey for €1 you earn 10c. You earn 10 percent of whatever Bob earns. This does not affect Bob, he still gets his full euro. Bob can also now share his referral link and earn a little extra too.

Bounce Insights is a newer one. They pay brilliantly and the surveys tend to be quick and easy. The only draw back is they aren’t as plentiful. Surveys pop up every so often and the quotas get filled fast. They have a range of cash out options.

Toluna is awful and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. The surveys are long and boring as can be. The pay is rubbish. They take a few weeks to process cash outs.

There is no downside to a side hustle. There are only benefits to building more than one source of income.


Surveys worth doing earn you money or a worthwhile reward..

Prolific is not taking new applicants at the time of posting. When they are open to applications I would recommend them. The surveys are unique and interesting. Payment can take a few days to reach your PayPal account.

Media Opinions is a survey you do daily. You earn 10-20c per day (in the form of points) for answering a few questions about which shows you watched and which radio stations you listened to. The money is small but fairly priced for the simple nature of the task. Also the surveys are very short! You can redeem your points for a One for All gift voucher or other vouchers.

* Poll Pay like Bounce Insights pays really well but the draw back is the surveys aren’t plentiful. Worth checking in on daily to see if there are any good ones for you to do. Payment is to PayPal or a Spotify gift card.

Mystery shopping

*Be My Eye (my code is is 3805g50) is a mystery shopping service. The company does not assign jobs, you must reserve them. The money is good and the tasks are reasonable. Pay out is hassle free and practically instantaneous when you request it. They pay into your Paypal or bank account.

Pan Research is another mystery shopper service. You apply for jobs and Pan Research assigns them. I have not done a job yet. However I understand they pay once a month and it’s hassle free.

Receipt scanning surveys worth doing

*Shop and Scan will pay you €1.40 per week to scan the barcodes on your shopping and upload them with their scanner. You earn an additional €0.60 per week by uploading an image of your receipt. It is boring and it is a fair bit of hassle. That said it is easy money and they pay in One For All vouchers (or other options). If you would like to use my panel number it is 918036. We both get extra points if you use it. At the time of writing this Shop and Scan’s website is down for maintenance.

*Storewards gives you points for sending a photo of your Aldi or Lidl receipts. You also receive daily points for opening the app. It is a slow burner. The points are slow to build but it is very easy to earn the points. You can redeem the points for vouchers or into your PayPal.

Final thoughts

If you have time on your hands and could do with a little extra money then surveys are absolutely worth the effort!

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