What women want

We have all heard the phrase men are from Mars while women are from Venus. I don’t necessarily agree. What women want isn’t so different from what men want.

We want to be thought of

There’s no denying some people enjoy being the center of attention and there is nothing wrong with that. The opposite is also true. Some people despise having all eyes on them and again there’s nothing wrong with that. One thing that everyone enjoys from the very introverted to the very extroverted is being thought of.

If it’s your mothers birthday and you buy her something at the last minute because it’s convenient it doesn’t mean half so much as picking out or making something special. Spending more money on something doesn’t automatically make it better. The age old saying of -it’s the thought that counts- in my opinion has another meaning. We often use it as a way to console someone who has tried and failed to do something for someone else. But what if it really is the thought that counts? Instead of buying an expensive jumper because it’s the right size and price maybe you might get your mother a new vase because her favourite one broke.

We want a plan B

Have you ever noticed when the proverbial hits the fan it’s usually up to the woman in your life to find the solution? That could be your sister or your wife etc. Most of us tend to look to a woman to figure out plan B.

Lets pretend it’s coming up to your wife’s birthday and you have spent months planning the perfect celebration. You’ve thought about what she likes and what would make her happiest. So far everything is going great. Until it’s not. The restaurant has double booked and now all your plans are ruined. Come up with your own plan B. Do not expect your wife to figure it out or I guarantee she will be fuming that you’ve put the pressure on her to either plan her own birthday or not have one at all.

No matter what the scenario is do not expect the person you are planning for to come up with a plan B if it goes wrong.

What women want is to be valued

No one wants to be solely valued for one attribute. Not one person. It doesn’t matter how smart or attractive they are. They want to be seen and valued for their entire person.

If you are friends with the most beautiful human being on this planet they still want their personality to be of value. That could be their natural good nature, their sense of humor or their wonderful wit.

Imagine your sister is the brains of the family. She did amazing in all of her school exams and has always shined academically. There is more to her than that. She is funny and kind. She has a keen eye for fashion. That’s not saying she doesn’t want her intelligence valued. She simply doesn’t want it to be all she’s valued for.

So are men and women all that different?

To my mind the answer is no. Both men and women want financial security, a loving home and work that fulfils them. No one wants to be the consolation prize or the runner up.

What has all of this got to do with a blog about frugal family living? There is more to me than just running a family home with frugality and sustainability in mind. Just like there is more than one side to you. This post is about giving myself permission to write about anything I want.

Your homework!

Go after something you’ve wanted for the longest time. It doesn’t matter a jot what anyone else thinks once you’re causing no one any harm. Stop letting other people’s perception of you hold you back.

Further reading

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