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The debt free community

The debt free community, like every community, has secrets that aren’t really secrets at all. They sound obvious when said out loud but not many people realise them until they are said. So I am going to share my own experience. The beauty of this is my experience won’t necessarily be the same as someone…

Cook once eat twice

A great way to save time and money is to cook once eat twice. That is cooking enough to do two days instead of having to cook from scratch every day. Protein is expensive. Therefore I decided to include meat in all of the meals below. The meals are adaptable to suit vegetarians, vegans and…

The best money saving tip

The best money saving tip is simple and anyone can do it. Reduce your contact with advertisements. I remember while I was studying early childhood education years ago the topic of marketing came up. It was eye opening to learn how insidious it really is. Disclaimer: I have not studied marketing and I am not…

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